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Quality of Ingredients used in E-Liquids?

All our E-Liquids are prepared using well known and food grade certified Concentrates imported directly from USA & Europe.

Primarily we use only the best & the safest ingredients in all our E-Liquids including USP Grade PG & VG.

What sort of Bottles and Packaging used for E-Liquids?

Our 10ml, 50ml &amp 100ml E-Liquids are packaged in High Quality PET Bottles. We have recently upgraded our 30ML Bottles and they are now come in specially designed Glass Dropper Bottles.

All our E-Liquid Bottles designed for easy refilling of your Equipment, Also we use Bottles with Child Lock Caps as an added safety and security measure.

While shipping we use Air-Tight Zipper Bags and they are neatly packaged in Shipping Boxes along with Bubble Wraps to avoid any kind of Spillage or Damage to the Bottles.

What are the steeping requirements for E-Liquids?

We try our best to send you Pre-Steeped Liquids most of the Time, but in some cases additional Steeping time would be required.

Usually for most of our Liquids the Steeping Time is between One to Two Weeks, however certain e-Liquids like Oh’ Milk would require around Three to Four Weeks for it to completely ready. As a general rule of Thumb the longer you steep them the better they all become.

We recommend that you store e-Liquids in a Cool Dark place and shake well every couple of Days.

What PG/VG Composition used in e-Liquids?

Currently we are selling 30PG/70VG & also Max VG compositions in all our E-Liquids.

We are working on Launching a 50/50 PG-VG Composition for Beginner Vapers those who have recently quit Smoking. This composition would be primarily offered in all our Artificial Food Grade Tobacco Flavored E-Liquids.

Can i ask for Customised E-Liquids?

Sorry, currently we do not have the option of changing PG-VG Composition or the Strength Levels in our E-Liquids.

What about Quality Assurance?

There’s no such thing as a ‘dud’ on our product line. Because taste is highly subjective it’s possible (but not probable) that you may find a liquid you don’t like. The liquid that remains on our product line has “passed the test” and is pleasing to the majority of people who purchase it. We go to great lengths to describe the flavor profiles of the liquids that are less than self-explanatory striving to deliver on the “what you see is what you get” philosophy.

Mixing liquid is a culinary art and we take pride in offering only the best. WE WOULD RATHER PRODUCE ONE AMAZING eLIQUID AS OPPOSED TO MAKING 250 FLAVORS WE HAVE NEVER TESTED OR TRIED! For every flavor we offer, there are 2-3 that we have rejected because they aren’t good enough for our customers. We cut the “fluff” and opted to hand-pick our permanent offerings based on extensive customer feedback and testing. Again, there is no guarantee that you will fall head-over-heels for our liquid… but we know (statistically) that your chances are better here than the alternatives. You can order ANY liquid from this site with confidence knowing that you will probably enjoy it.

DIY Concentrates Packaging & Bottling

We import Authentic Flavor Concentrates from the respective Flavor Companies based in America and Europe through a variety of well known vendors in Large Bottle Quantities. The Flavor Concentrates is then re-bottled in smaller 10 ml & 30 ml Bottles as per the Customers orders.

Payments & Shipping

What is the KYC Process?

Due to some Technical Issues with the KYC Plugin at our back end, we are currently suspending the KYC Requirement for a short while.

In order to make sure all our customers are above 18 years of Age, we have implemented a One Time Process of verifying their Identification and Age. It is a mandatory requirement for all our Customers and you are requested to visit this page to complete your KYC Process. Click Here for KYC Processing

Also, we would like to assure you that your Information as well as your Documents are stored on a Secured Server and we never misuse your identification documents in any shape or form.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Currently we offer the following Shipping Methods to all our customers:

  • Express Next One OR Two Business Days Delivery: Discontinued for the time being.
  • Regular Shipping Service: For Regular Shipping the Delivery time frame is between 4 to 5 Working days after the Processing and Packaging has been completed.

However in certain cases it might take longer than expected due to various reasons beyond our control such as Weekly Holidays as well as Regional & National Holidays. The Rules, Regulations & Restrictions vary from state to state. Also at times Packages can take additional time to be delivered for Technical or Logistical Reasons.

How Long It Usually Takes For Us To Ship Your Order?

Orders for e-Liquid products that are placed between Sunday till Thursday typically ship within 24-72 hours.  This applies to Regular Shipping Orders as well as Express Shipping Orders also. Please keep in mind WE DO NOT SHIP ANY ORDERS ON SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS.

Shipping times are contingent on stock availability and/or availability of a delivery service.

We would notify you through SMS as well as E-Mail as soon as your Package has been shipped along with Tracking Information. Usually Tracking Information takes up to 8-12 Hours to updated in the Courier Services System but you can be assured that your Package is well on its way to you once you have received the notification from our automated shipping & tracking system.

How Can I Pay For My Order?

Presently we accept Payments through an RBI approved Payment Gateway known as QuikWallet.

QuikWallet supports payments through all Debit Cards, Visa, Master Card & american Express Credit Cards as well as Net Banking Transactions from all major Banks in India.

QuikWallet is PCI DSS 2.0 certified and uses Verisign certified 128-bit encryption technology. Thousands of users transact on QuikWallet’s secure payment platform every month. You can be rest assured that your online transactions at QuikWallet are completely safe.

Do We Ship Internationally?

Sorry, presently we only accept orders from India and we do not ship out India at the moment. Hopefully in future we would start selling our products in a step-by-step International Launch.

How Can I Return A Product?

Due to the nature of the Product, specially E-Liquids we do not accept returns however if by any chance you have received a wrong product then please let us know and at the earliest we would send you the desired product.

Have any questions we didn't answer?

Write to us and we’d be more than happy to assist you with all your queries.

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